Yanai Morris


Yanai Morris of The Uke Group has developed ukulele programs for children (Uke4Kids) and adults (Get Uked), and can teach anybody with two working hands how to play great sounding music in a matter of minutes.  In fact you are guaranteed to be playing a popular song in the first minute of this workshop.

You will also:

  • Learn at least 4 chords
  • Explore a range of interesting sounds you can create on your uke
  • Learn a range of songs from a range of styles
  • Learn stuff to help you keep learning and playing into the future

All participants can use one of The Uke Group’s ukes which have chord position markers (coloured dot stickers).  You are welcome to use your own uke if it is tuned.



Beyond Chords and Strumming – Melodic Improvisation

Learn all you need to know to start improvising solos and composing original melodies.

This workshop comprises:

  • Technical stuff – chord/scale relationships and rhythm
  • Expression – how to inject your music with your own emotions and personality

Skill level – this workshop is best for intermediate players but relative beginners and more advanced players may get value out of it too.

Yanai Morris has been teaching music for the past 14 years and focussing on the ukulele for the past 9.  He especially enjoys extending intermediate students into new, exciting areas of musical exploration.

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