Jane Cameron

WORKSHOPThere’s a song in your heart!

Know the chords – check! Got the skills – check! But still staring at a blank page? There is nothing quite like the buzz of creating your own song. You may be one of those people who think it is an impossible task but nothing is further from the truth!  Join Jane Cameron for a songwriting session with a difference – a fun, easy way to start songwriting or break yourself out of the dreaded writer’s block. It’s collaborative, it’s quirky and you may never look at a deck of cards the same way again…

WORKSHOP 2 – “Take your strumming to the next level”

So, you’re comfortable with a few chords but you’re wondering why it doesn’t sound like what you hear on the radio? Come learn how to get some variety with your strumming hand, including pop, rock & roll, reggae, triplet, chunk and others. Suitable for anyone who wants to move beyond their first 2-3 chords, you’ll walk away from this workshop with a strategy for picking the “right” strum to play along to the kind of music you like and want to make.  Time: 45-90 minutes, negotiable depending on availability. Can be split into 2 levels of skills.

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