Golden Uke Details

A feature of the festival for the past three years, the competitions have grown to incorporate the next generation of uke players.

The usual suspects are still there:                                                                                                               ‘Best Soloist’, ‘Best Group’, ‘Best Songwriter’.

But this year we are having an entirely new competition for school aged players:                                                                                                                                                          ‘Best School Age Soloist’, ‘Best School Age Group’,                                                      ‘Best School Age Songwriter’ AND                                                                                          ‘Best School Age Beginner’.

Fabulous ukulele and ukulele adjacent prizes are lined up for the winners! For the rest, think of it this way, even if you don’t win, at least you got a few minutes of fame up on the main stage.

Cost to compete… $10 per entry.

Click here to enter the Golden Uke awards

Standing on stage letting the world see you strum your stuff…priceless!