Daytime Concerts


DayTime Concerts
Saturday   Sunday
10am Bob Hardman  
10.40am Tilly Ruddick 10.15am BUGGS
11.10am Abbi & Rubi 10.50am Kalulu
  11.30am Uke Frenzy
11.45am Karin Udovenya 12pm Laid Back & Blue
12.30pm UFO (uke4kids) 12.40pm Mysterious Mose
1.20pm Cassandra & Co.
2pm Stuck in C 1.30pm Cat House
2.30pm Pear Tongue 2.30pm Jam Tarts
3 – 5pm School Groups 3 – 5pm Golden Uke Talent Competitions [Open / Adult]
5 – 6pm Golden Uke Talent Competitions [Youth / School Age] 5 – 6pm Group Strum Along
6 – 7pm Sound Checks 6 – 7pm Presentations of Awards for Competitions


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